Travel Trailer Or Motor Home Living

Living in a travel trailer or a motor home can have both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, there is the convenience of portability and freedom to go as you wish. Then the other hand there is the small cramped living space and confinement. Travel trailer or motor home living is interesting to say the least.

With either type of these shelters, you can easily and quickly move from any location at any time. If you wish to go to another city or state, it is easy to just hook the portable home onto your vehicle and disconnect the utilities. Then you are ready to take off on your way. A mobile home on wheels is, just as simple disconnect any utilities, and pack up any belongings, start the motor and go.

The travel trailer and the motor home give you the freedom to come and go wherever you wish to visit, see or explore. Take a trip to see a place you have never been but have always wanted to. Alternatively, you can live in the either of these full time and save a great deal of money as well as be able to move around at will. Living in these portable homes, you will not have to worry with some of the everyday life things like house payments, car payments, property taxes, and city utilities.

Most travel trailers and motor home are self contained this means you have storage tanks for clean water, and storage tanks for wastewater. These types of homes can also be equipped with alternate power sources like solar or a power generator. This eliminated the need for electricity sources to connect too.

One of the biggest disadvantages of travel trailer or motor home living is the fact that you are living in a small area. The smaller area limits the amount of things that you can have inside the portable homes with you. Therefore, you will want to pack lightly when traveling. More weight makes the vehicle pulling the travel trailer use more fuel and is harder on the vehicle as well. A motor home is the same it will have to pull harder and it will use more fuel if loaded to heavily.

Therefore, pack only what you need in the spaces provided. Limit clothing to the minimum no more that ten or fifteen suites of clothes, coats and shoes to the minimum also. Towels and bedding should be, kept to a minimal, use only plastic, paper plates, and dishes that are lightweight. Your pots and pans should also be lightweight if possible, use the microwave to heat, or make meals if possible. Microwave safe dishes usually weigh less unless you use glass. Glass is not, recommended in a travel trailer or motor home. Glass is heavy and breakable therefore dangerous and should be, avoided.

You should concentrate your main supplies to foods and emergency items. Most people who live in portable type homes stock up on canned goods, and quick easy food items. The microwavable foods are the best if you have a microwave. If however you do not then you can get the soups and foods that are already made or the canned foods. Your refrigerator space is limited from keeping fresh meat in large quantities.

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