How Do You Create a Luxurious Home Interior Design?

Creating a luxurious home is often a dream of many. This kind of vibe not only showcases an air of elegance but also reflects the homeowner’s personality. It is a common misconception, however, that a luxurious home requires a hefty budget to achieve. If you are to consult experts in interior design in Singapore, you will be surprised to learn that forming a luxury home doesn’t always need to cost a lot.

How do creatives in interior design in Singapore come up with luxurious styles for different kinds of spaces –without having to spend too much? If you want to enjoy a classy design in your home, then here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep your space clean.

One thing about luxurious homes is that they have clean and dust-free interiors. They’re not only crisp and clean; they are flawless. All walls, corners, installations, and even the positioning of the furnishings and decorations are fitted perfectly, with no scratch, uneven surface, or even an unintended dot.

This is because elegance, from a design perspective, means perfection. It costs a lot to achieve a nearly perfect design, and it should reflect on how the blueprint is executed. Hence, it is a must that you maintain a clean space that is free of any form of clutter to keep a luxe vibe.

  1. Add more light.

Another fundamental element of a luxurious home is the strategic use of lighting. In typical homes, lights are installed for a general function, and that is to brighten up their space. However, luxurious homes use light for a different purpose, and that’s to create an ambient environment, feature certain areas of the room, and focus on specific activities conducted within the space.

You may want to ditch a central light source with cove lights, as cove lights illuminate the room in a somewhat subdued manner to elicit a cosy ambiance. Windows are maximised to let more natural light to enter during the day, and provide a view of the cityscape during the night. These are things often brushed aside in typical homes, but are held with high regard in luxurious home interiors.

  1. Pay attention to the underfoot. 

If you are to look at luxurious home interiors, you may see that there is a significant investment on the underfoot. These include furnishings that are elevated to emphasise on the space in between the floor and the lowest level of the fixture, and carpets and rugs that are made of expensive material and intricate patterns.

The underfoot space makes a room seem less cramped and in a way more breathable and fluid in movement. You should give your area this kind of luxury if you want to boost the elegant ambiance. When it comes to carpets and rugs, you don’t need to spend a lot on them so long as they look decent and complementary to the overall style of the room. However, you may want to keep in mind their placement guidelines, such as:

  • A rug underneath a table should be 36” wider than the table (all sides) to allow better chair movement.
  • A rug in the living room should be wide enough so that the front legs of the furniture will stand over it.
  • A room-sized rug should be placed between 12” and 24” from the wall on all sides.
  1. Make it look like the room is wider than its actual size.

Lastly, luxurious interiors splurge on space. This is because homeowners can afford to have more space in their house compared to others. You can still follow this concept even if you have a small floor area by making the walls look taller and adding more depth via mirrors that are strategically positioned to create an illusion of wider interior space.

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